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General Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully through all of our terms and conditions. If there is anything that you do not understand or are concerned about, call or e-mail us and we would gladly discuss all matters in question.


It is the customer's responsibility to provide parking. Please try to reserve a space for the van outside before it arrives or contact local council to get a suspension or permit where necessary. If there is no parking pre-arranged, any parking fines received will be the customer's responsibility and must be paid by the customer on completion.


Congestion and Toll charges

There will be an extra charge of £11,50 when passing through the London Congestion Charge Zone. Other congestion charge zones and tolls will be charged accordingly (unless otherwise stated).


Payment requirements

Payment can be made in cash, by credit/ debit card over the phone or via bank transfer. Cash payments are made upon service completion. Payments via bank transfer or over the phone must be made prior to providing the service. Card payments are subject to 2% administration charge. In some cases we may require you to pay a 30% deposit payment in advance.


Payment Due Dates

All customers are required to pay for their services within 5 days of service provision.  Failure to make payment within the 5 days-period, shall result in additional weekly 5.00% interest rate on the total amount for the service.


Arrival and Delivery Times

We always do our best to arrive at the scheduled time. However, arrival times are estimated. Delays in pick-up and/ or delivery times are sometimes unavoidable due to traffic and/ or weather conditions. We do not take any responsibility for any customer losses due to unforseen or out of our control pick-up and/ or delivery delays.

Changes in Item Numbers

You may incur extra charges if the actual amount of items on the scheduled moving day exceeds the amount of items that were included in your quote. A couple of boxes more would not normally cause a problem, but if your have under-estimated your items by more than this the driver will add on an extra charge depending on the amount of items and time taken to load them. We also reserve the right to limit the amount of goods to the amount quoted in the booking.


Customer's Packing Responsibilities

We accept no responsibility for damage or breakage of items that have not been packed/ protected by us. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that items will fit in the new premises (e.g. size of sofa and size of aperture). Our removals staff and drivers are not insured to remove doors or windows, so if the customer couldn't provide a specialist for that job, our staff can do it on customer's own risk.


Awkward Access

You may incur extra charges if you have not informed us of awkward access. Awkward access can include no vehicle access, no parking available in close proximity to the property and cramped stair- and hallway conditions where large items of furniture such as sofas would not fit. We may deny to take items which are difficult to get in or out of the property in case we have not been informed about such issues in advance.


Unforeseen Circumstances

We reserve the right to add extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. waiting for keys or gaining entry, incorrect addresses, removal of doors or windows, etc.)


Staff Abuse

Verbal or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. If the driver is forced to leave the job because of abuse from the customer - verbal or otherwise - the customer will still be liable to pay the service in full.



We are covered by a "Goods in Transit" insurance which can be endorsed to cover client's goods. Please notify us of the value of your goods to be insured and we can provide you with a removals quote including an Insurance Option. Please note that this insurance would be arranged solely in the name of our company. As our customer you will have no enforceable rights under our insurance policy.


Insurance Cover

All risks of physical loss or damage to goods in transit anywhere in the UK.


Sum Insured

As declared to us in writing. The sum insured shall not exceed £50,000 unless confirmed in writing by us. Submitting a claim for damages or losses is subject to a one-off fee of £250.00. The costs for each and every claim for damages shall be borne by the customer. Prior to providing the insurance, the customer is required to provide evidence that the damages were not present prior to service provision.


Basis of Valuation

Insurers will take into consideration the age, quality, degree of use and consequent market value of items when calculating the settlement. Please note that no property shall be abandoned to insurers, but insurers reserve the right to claim appropriate salvage on any property which is the subject of a claim settlement under this policy.


Average Condition

If the customer's goods in store insured under this insurance are, at the time of loss or damage, collectively of greater value than declared, then the Insured shall bear the equivalent proportion of the claim in the same ratio as the actual value exceeds the declared value.


Pairs & Sets Clause

Where any insured item consists of items in a pair or set, this insurance will not pay more than the value of any particular part or parts which may be lost or damaged, without reference to any special value which such part or parts may have as part of a pair or set, nor more than a proportionate part of the insured value of the pair or set.



If the insured shall make any claim knowing the same to be false or fraudulent as regard to the amount or otherwise, this insurance shall become void and all claims hereunder shall be forfeited.


Time Limits for Claim Notification

All claims arising from contracts of removals and/ or storage within the UK must be notified to the remover on the day of delivery of the property, whether unpacked or not.



In line with the policy conditions, we do not accept responsibility for the first £250.00 of every claim for loss or damage covered by this insurance. We do not accept any responsibility for the for the first £100.00 of any other loss or damage in relation to the execution of our services. 


Other Terms and Conditions

Claims against removals (loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, dismantling and assembly services and other services) and transport services are accepted upon service completion and prior to company employees leaving the customer's address. For regular customers, claims are accepted 8 hours after service completion. Claim against our services are considered the loss or damage of property or personal belongings. Claims for musical instruments needing to be tuned are not accepted - tuning of all musical instruments is the customer's responsibility. Antiques, designer furniture, fine arts and all other similar items must be declared in writing prior to service confirmation. If such items are not declared in writing beforehand it will be the customer's responsibility to move them. Claims for such items will not be accepted if not stated in writing before service confirmation. Claims for all other items will be accepted only from customers who have paid for the service, and have filled and submitted our Statement of Claim. Claims from third parties will not be accepted.

Acceptance of our offer and booking our services is considered as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


Postponement or Cancellation

If you postpone or cancel your booking after its confirmation you will be charged 50% of the confirmed quote (minimum £45,00). If you postpone or cancel your booking within 24 hours of the date of the service you will be charged the value of the job in full (the minimum charged amount for the particular service).


Advance Payment

We will ask you to pay in advance 30% of the total amount after booking.


Cancellation Policy

We will ask you to pay 30% of the total amount for cancellation after booking and an additional 20% of the total amount if you cancel the booking 2 days prior to the service.

Cancellation charges or change of booking, if any, are specified by Removals Zone Ltd.


Cancellation Charge

Due  11:59PM  / up to 2 days prior to the confirmed day of the service / : 30% of the total amount
12:00AM  / within 2 days prior to confirmed day of the service / : 50% of the total amount

The amount for this booking is not refundable – it is not possible to change the date of the booking.