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About Us

Company Overview

Entering the removals industry back in 2005 – our starting point, there was just one van, which was used to make small deliveries around London. Through hard work and a continuous strive for success the company grew rapidly throughout the years.

In 2012 Removals Zone Limited was established with the aim of delivering relocation services of the highest standards in London. With the experience we have gained throughout the years and employment of best practices we perfected the way we deliver removal services and decided to broaden the scope of our expertise.

As of November 2014 the Removals Zone Ltd. offers services beyond the scope of relocation. Currently, the company operates in the fields of removals, cleaning, clearances, and rubbish disposals – each of which offer services designed for private and business customers alike.

Removals Zone’s primary focus for each and every service delivered is on providing a hassle-free experience to the customer. This way we provide people with more free time, which they can use in a more enjoyable and preferred way.

The Team behind Removals Zone


At the top of the company hierarchy is the Director and owner of Removals Zone. The business is run by a team of highly qualified managers who control all aspects of the company processes and report directly to the Director. With a continuous innovation and improvement approach, and application of the latest best practices, the management pursues ever greater levels of service quality.

The Experts

Removals Zone Ltd. has continuously expanded throughout the years. The main advantage, which our company is proud of, are our professional teams. Currently, there are over two hundred people working at the company, carrying out the services our customers request on a daily basis.

Every new employee goes initially through professional training, to ensure that the services they deliver are up to the standards of the company.
Each and every one of our employees knows their role in the company, thus working together as a whole to provide all of our customers with services that exceed their expectations.

Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to relieve people from the burden of chores by having an available team around every corner, at the right time, and a service of the highest standards.



We envision a world where people have extra time for what really matters!



Removals Zone’s core values have to this day remained the same as they were in the beginning. Each and every one of them represents us, our services, our company, and are the primary guidelines which each of our new employees go through initially.