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Loft Clearance London

Loft Clearance London

Efficient clearance London of all items and furniture stored in your loft

From £150
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Why should you choose our loft clearance services? First thing is that we give you realistic expectations. We won’t tell you how our price is the lowest because we offer quality, not another cheap service. Aside from that, you will also benefit from:
* A variety of services - from Removals to Cleaning and more
* Surveyor’s visit – charge- and obligation-free for an accurate estimate
* Prompt and reliable customer service
* Flexible appointment scheduling to suit your needs
* Professionals who are trained to deliver the service efficiently and up to the standard at the same time, 

Have you ever thought that you can transform your loft from a storage for items you no longer find a use for, into a pleasant room for your children to play in? Often your loft is a home for rats, loft allergens, and irritations caused by all the rubbish there without you being aware of it. Think what a beautiful place it could be instead. Rid yourself of all the items you don’t need and enjoy one more spacious room in your home.
All of these benefits are just another plus to satisfying your requirements and meeting your expectations. Contact Removals Zone’s professionals for free estimates and start making plans for the best way to utilise the new space in your home.

* The listed price is for 1/4 van
* The price for a full bath is £ 480 including VAT
* There are no hidden fees