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The winners from our Christmas and New Year's Raffle

The start of 2022 turned out to be extremely happy for 3 of our clients.
In this video, we are sharing information about our lucky customers who won the Christmas and New Year's Raffle for 2021.

The first lucky client to win £200 and take third place in our Raffle is with Ref. Number RZ21122063 and initials M. B.

The second one taking home our silver medal - £500 is the owner of Ref. Number RZ2112073 and initials W. A.

And last but not least, the person to win our Biggest prize - £1000, this year is with Ref. Number RZ2112041 with initials N. B.

The lucky ones were drawn, in front of our sales Supervisor Theodor V. and our customer support Supervisor Neil Z.

We will contact each one of the winners via their provided emails.
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