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Practical Tips for Packing Fragile Items when moving

Packing-and-moving-house Most often when moving house it turns out that you haven’t been careful enough when packing your fragile items prior to the move. The easiest way to avoid such mistakes is to contact us – we can provide a professional packing service for your house move.

Of course, some people would still prefer to have the packing done on their own. This is why we’ve decided to share some practical tips to help you with this challenging task.

Firstly and most importantly to keep in mind - do not rush it. Packing fragile items takes time in order to be done properly. Depending on the size of your property make sure to start at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Ensure you have the right packing materials before you start:
- Marker pen
- Wide masking tape
- Scissors
- Bubble wrap or Packing paper
- Strong, quality boxes

From masking tape to quality boxes – having the right materials to pack your belongings is the difference between receiving your belongings in pieces or undamaged.

How to pack your fragile items
Before packing anything into boxes, make sure that you’ve taped the bottom of the box after assembly. No matter how strong or good quality the box is if you don’t tape the bottom it will break upon lifting it.

Wrap each plate with bubble wrap or packing paper and secure the wrap with masking tape. Order the plates vertically in a box that is roughly the same size as the diameter of the plates.

This method of packing decreases the surface contact which in turn lowers the risks of breakages during the move.

It is important to note that the contents of each box do not exceed the weight limit. Packing boxes have the weight limit printed on them. Exceeding the weight limit may lead to the box breaking during carrying.

Fine glassware
When packing your glassware make sure to wrap and fill each glass with bubble wrap or packing paper. Use the masking tape around the glass to ensure the wrap stays in place.

Glassware is usually smaller in size but still quite heavy so it’s best to pack them together in smaller boxes – 10-15 glasses per box. If you need to layer them in the box – start with the heavier glasses on the bottom and make your way up with the lighter ones.

Remember to use the marker pen to mark which side is up and also label the box as fragile.
Moving large mirrored surfaces causes small vibrations which could lead to breakages. When packing your mirrors remember to use the masking tape in a star-shaped manner from edge to edge.

The tape will absorb most of the vibrations on the surface and decrease the risk of breaking during transport. Use cardboard to protect the edges of your mirror.

Lastly, wrap the mirror with bubble wrap making sure that the edges are well-covered. Secure the wrap with tape to ensure it stays in place and you mirror is well protected.

Vases and ornaments
When packing this type of fragile items it’s best to use boxes that as close to the size of the items as possible.

Firstly, fill the inner space of vases with packing paper. Wrap each item with packing paper or bubble wrap and secure everything in place with tape. Place the vase or ornament in the box and make sure to fill any voids – either with towels or packing paper.

Smaller items can be placed together in a single box, but make sure that they’re spaced equally and the voids between them are filled.

When packing large items it’s best to place them each in a separate box and all voids filled with towels or whatever you have handy that is soft and will keep them in place.

If you are still unsure whether you’d be able to pack your belongings properly – give us a call on 020 8004 0004 and request a quote for packing. 
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